This campaign is about our district. We live in one of the most geographically diverse districts in the country. Some of the challenges we face around jobs, taxes, health care, and education are some of the same problems our nation faces. 

At the heart of this campaign is the mantra that the way we are going to solve our problems as a district and as a country is by coming together and acting more neighborly towards one another.

What does it mean to be a neighbor? Not just a neighbor, but a good neighbor? Being a good neighbor is taking a package from the UPS delivery person when your neighbor isn’t home. Being a good neighbor is watching their dog when they go out of town for the weekend. Being a good neighbor is pushing your snowblower a few more feet so that they can have a swept sidewalk, too. Being a good neighbor is fetching your jumper cables and helping jump their car.

If we happen to have voted differently in the last election, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to help jump your neighbor’s battery. If we disagree on the latest county ordinance that doesn’t mean you won’t wave and say hi on the street. If the person I was pulling for got beat that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave your package to get rained and snowed on.

On most of the major issues facing us today, most of us agree. Our neighbors want the same things we do:

  • A safe community in a safe country
  • Good paying jobs and security in knowing that we’ll be able to provide for our families
  • The ability to maintain their health and get the care they need when their health or their families health is in crisis
  • Great schools for our children so we can feel confident that they will have a bright future
  • Forward-looking, sustainable economic growth that provide this generation and the next with the opportunity to pursue their dreams
  • Solutions to the uncertain environmental future we’re facing in our mountains, across our fields, and along our coasts.

One of the best things about what our neighbors want is that we want those same things. The great coincidence about the hopes of our neighbors is that not only are they good for them, but they’re good for all of us.