Like most Americans, my ancestors immigrated to the United States to start a better life for their families. My maternal grandparents made their way to the South where they made their living as farmers. My paternal grandparents made their way to the Midwest – the Land of Lincoln – where they made their living as tradesmen.

I was born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and as an adult, headed West to build a home and raise our family. My Midwestern work ethic, Southern sense of goodness, and Western ambitions for building a better life are grounded in the belief that doing small things well is the key to success. It’s the small things that matter most to us. And too often we forget how to do small things – for ourselves and for others.

Philosophy To Live By
Doing small things well, repeatedly, is how I earned a college basketball scholarship to pay for school. It’s how I persevered to earn a Ph.D. This is how I started a company that supported thousands of families across the country. It’s what enabled me to write policy and legislation that impacted national early childhood education practices. This philosophy is how I have been able to support other candidates to get elected for office.

Throughout my career as an educator I served my communities. My reputation for setting clear expectations, fairness, and high standards helped me earn a strong reputation with students and peers.

Small Business Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur this same sense of duty to my community drove my ambitions. I started two companies wherein I sold my products across the globe. I worked with vendors, partners, other small businesses, and managed complex supply chains all with modest staffing and a can-do attitude…an attitude that failure is not an option. I went on to start my third company where I received international recognition as a leading social entrepreneur. My company impacted hundreds of thousands of families with our parent support services and products. The work we did at my company was recognized by scholars, educators, policy makers, and the press for our innovations and the positive impact we had on families.

Next I joined the National Center for Advanced Information and Digital Technology, an independent, bipartisan nonprofit, authorized by Congress in 2008. I was the founding director of a national, alternative credentialing initiative that empowered learners and job seekers to be able to build and display their competencies in ways that lead to more opportunity.

Economic Growth
From there I went on to join an industry-leading company whereat I work with dozens of businesses each month to support their growth in this shifting economy. As a result of the work I do with my team companies are able to more effectively train their employees, analyze their processes, and grow their revenues so they can hire more and support higher wages.

Service, Work, Training
I have served on local school boards and committees. I have worked on numerous political campaigns – including Ro Khanna’s. I have dug ditches and programmed computer software. I have climbed fourteeners and harvested crops. I have organized large, disparate groups. And I have led multiple teams to success.

But of all these mile markers along my life’s journey, the most important accomplishments of my life, what I am most proud of, are my wife and my daughter.

Doing small things well, repeatedly, consistently, is at the heart of what I do as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a brother, and and as neighbor.

Candidate Ethics
As a candidate, my first priority is bring the same values and work ethic to my work as your representative as I have brought to everything else I have done. My job, as your representative (should I be so blessed to earn that level of your collective trust) is to listen, and listen well, to friends, family and neighbors across the 4th District so I can represent well the values of this District.